JSC Medienos stakles

Fabriko str. 3, Jonava, Lithuania

Jautāt 0037061239163

Kokapstrāde, Kokmateriāli

Joint Stock Company “Medienos staklės“ was established in Jonava in 2000.
Its establisher is Flemming Hansted- a Danish Citizen, wood processing specialist, having Scandinavian experience in tools, plywood shield and furniture production.

The company has been named „Medienos staklės“ and started its business only with 5 employees and a big wish to develop a professional team. The union of the Danish technological „know-how“ and Lithuanian working traditions has been successful and allowed to gain the share of the local market. JSC „Medienos staklės“ was growing together wit the local wood processing industry, which study and consecutive analysis helped to establish close and long-term relations with market partners. Since the very beginning of the company establishment, our key objective became to provide the customers with optimal and contemporary solutions.

Today you can see the equipment, supplied by us, all over the territory of Lithuania. We concern about the furniture manufacturers with old traditions, as well as of the small companies, just having started their business. We strive to be the main and leading equipment suppliers, therefore each customer is important to us.

At present JSC „Medienos staklės“ is a stable company with an increasing number of stored equipment (you can constantly find approximately 300 new and used machines at our exposition hall in Jonava) and well-organized work structure, where 20 employees work and which has been audited by an international auditing company.

JSC „Medienos staklės“ keeps to the honest business terms.

JSC „Medienos staklės“ – one of the biggest wood processing equipment seller in Lithuania - offers particularly for you:

• technological advice, helping to solve problems;
• appropriate equipment search;
• flexible payment system;
• staff training to operate the equipment;
• after-sales service;
• assistance to sell unnecessary equipment. .
JSC Medienos stakles, Fabriko str. 3, Jonava, Lithuania , Kokapstrāde, Kokmateriāli, When: - Where: JSC Medienos stakles Fabriko str. 3, Jonava, LV

JSC Medienos stakles
Fabriko str. 3, Jonava, Lithuania